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Unlistedleaf Mystery Booster Pack Series 2

Unlistedleaf Mystery Booster Pack Series 2

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 Maximum 10 Per Order  (Claim Your Free Gift Below!)

Included in this pack is:
5 x Sword and Shield / Scarlet & Violet Era pack's
1 x Mystery Booster
1 x QR  Code to a Exclusive Unlistedleaf Video!

The "Mystery booster" can be anything from Sword and Shield Era all the way back to Wizards of the coast! 

You'll get one mystery booster which could be any of the 4 different tiers and is seeded as below
1 in 25 chance of Gold Tier - Wizards Of The Coast / Heart Gold Soul Silver Era pack
1 in 10 chance of Silver Tier - XY Era or Black & White Era pack
1 in 5 chance of Red Tier - Sun and Moon Era
Minimum Guarantee Green Tier - Sword and shield Era

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